8 Hacks For The Trade Show Attendee

Exhibitors at trade shows spend vast amounts of time planning for meetings with prospective clients, putting together presentations, and preparing their booth for walk-up visitors and prospective clients. Vendors, however, aren’t the only ones who must stay organized, approachable, and efficient in the multi-channel, short-sale cycle, trade show setting.

The Best Ways to Attract New Wide-Format Printing Customers

Wide-format printing can be a very lucrative business. Once you get all the basics down and all the equipment and staff needed to run a wide-format printing operation, your next step is to start bringing in customers. This can be harder than it sounds. Customers don’t just magically learn of your existence and show up at your shop door with printing requests. They have to be advertised to and lured in. For traditional printers which are in the commercial printing business, it can still be confusing for them to know how to bring in new customers. Here are some of the ways that wide-format printing businesses have successfully attracted new clients and help their companies thrive.