Avoiding Bad Edges With Your Router

CNC router cut quality depends on several factors, ranging from drive systems, vibration control, tooling, and dust removal. Although this is not a comprehensive list, these are important factors in making superior cuts when processing plastics and similar materials. Getting the cuts correct on the first attempt saves time, effort, and materials.

CNC Router Maintenance 101

When we buy a piece of equipment, we want it to last for a long time. We don’t want it to break; we want it to keep running. We want that piece of equipment making money as much as possible. But to maintain equipment reliability, we must actually maintain our equipment.

Determining Which Substrate Will Make your Next Printing Project Pop

The printing press has become a sophisticated piece of equipment. Depending upon its configuration, it is capable of printing on many different materials. A print job might require metal or paper or some sort of plastic based substrate. Unlike earlier generations of printing presses that were one trick ponies, today’s presses are able to take advantage of special ink formulations, UV printing technologies, and other advancements to apply inks to a wide range of plastics and synthetics.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of PETG and Acrylic

You have a great idea for signage, you worked hard on the concept, and now you need to bring it to life. You bring your artwork to the printer and they look at you and ask… “Do you want this on PETG or acrylic?” That question might not mean a thing to you. After all, you probably aren’t a material scientist. The better question might have been, “What will your sign encounter?”