The Best Ways to Attract New Wide-Format Printing Customers

Wide-format printing can be a very lucrative business. Once you get all the basics down and all the equipment and staff needed to run a wide-format printing operation, your next step is to start bringing in customers. This can be harder than it sounds. Customers don’t just magically learn of your existence and show up at your shop door with printing requests. They have to be advertised to and lured in. For traditional printers which are in the commercial printing business, it can still be confusing for them to know how to bring in new customers. Here are some of the ways that wide-format printing businesses have successfully attracted new clients and help their companies thrive.

Biggest Challenges Faced by Print Service Providers Today

The life of print service providers is not always an easy one. Sure every job has its obstacles to overcome, but compared to your customers who simply put in the request and wait for it to be fulfilled, your job can be a bit challenging and even downright confusing sometimes. Whether you are trying to put together and manage mailings for someone’s multilingual campaign, dealing with nuanced requests, or attempting to personalize the promotional messages of your customers, print service providers have their very own unique set of challenges that can overwhelm a new business. Here are four different common challenges faced by print service providers so you can be ready for them in case they ever pop up in your inbox.