Breaking Down the Benefits of the Laser Cutting

Moving into the future means adopting some of the newest and most beneficial technologies of our time. For print service providers today, this means adopting new laser cutting processes, which offer a broad range of exciting benefits that we are only beginning to explore. A non-contact process, this technology can make the most precise cuts without damaging the surrounding materials. It works with a variety of materials and can finish jobs with minimal cost or effort.

​​High-Tech Presses: Not Just Another ‘Complex Kind of Printer.’

Compared to just a few years ago, today’s presses resemble computers more than they do a ‘complex type of printer.’ Even entry-level presses now have featured previously associated only with hugely expensive high-end presses, and automation has increased productivity by eliminating manual labor, simplifying complex processes and reducing waste. It is easier than ever for print shops to make money taking on challenging jobs.